Confirmed Speakers

Updated: July 19, 2013

Confirmed Speakers  (click for bio):

Stephen Baldwin – actor, radio host
David Bossie – Citizens United
Governor Terry Branstad
Brian Brown – National Organization for Marriage
Senator Ted Cruz & his father, Rafael Cruz
Steve Deace – nationally syndicated conservative radio host
Senator Chuck Grassley
Alison Howard – Concerned Women for America
Congressman Steve King
Kevin McCullough – Conservative talk show host
Jan Mickelson – Conservative talk show host
Joe Miller – Former Senate candidate in Alaska

Penny Young Nance – Concerned Women for America
Doug Napier – Alliance Defending Freedom
Dr. David Noebel - Summit Ministries
John Paulton – CitizenLink
Senator Rick Santorum
Dr. Del Tackett – The Truth Project & Focus on the Family
Businessman Donald Trump